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Fun Stuff - Entertainment / Nightlife
Plaza Magdalena movie complex: Lattest releases, good sound, Q20.00, wednesdays specials; Q10.00
(Plaza Magdalena, Tel: )

Bok'atas: Tapas bar with Mediterranean cuisine, specializing in seafood and Spanish dishes; good food; live rock music some weekends (call to find out).
(4a Calle 3-34 Zona 2; Tel: 5906-6564 / 5204-1353, Tel: )

Keops: Bar, Disco, Q 35 cover charge. Mix of music, mostly latin. High-class crowd. Friday and Saturday.
(3a calle 4 - 71, z 3, Tel: )

Le Bon: Bar, Disco, Restaurant, Q 15 cover charge, US Pop, Latin/Latin rap. Adolescent crowd.
(3a calle 2-38, z 3, Tel: )

Milenio: Bar, Disco, restaurant, pool tables, TV to watch sports. No cover charge. Mix of music, take requests. Older finquero crowd.
(3a ave 1-11, z 4, Tel: )

Hostal Doña Victoria: Bar.
(3a calle 2-38 z 3, Tel: 79522213)

Sociedad de Beneficencia: Irregular open merengue parties, swimming pool, ping-pong.
(2a calle, 6-16, z 2, Tel: )

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