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Spanish Schools
It's easy to learn Spanish in Cobán because - since it's not a "tourist town" - students have to speak Spanish at all times. There are three schools:
Eco Cabaña - Spanish school -
US$250.00 per week includes:
Spanish lessons for 5 days, 4 hours each day, room and board; 3 meals a day (except Sundays)
Km. 6 carretera a Chamil, San Juan Chamelco, Alta Verapaz. (Cobán) Guatemala Telephone: + 502 4273-7108, + 502 4912-7605; E-Mail: ecocabana@yahoo.com.
(We are located in the middle of a farm)
Arts and Languages -
$140 per week including host family, includes 20 hours of Spanish and 5 hours of crafts (weaving, ceramics, silverwork, marimba, dance, netmaking).
16 Ave. 2-50 Zona 1; Tel: 953 9062 / 692 6623; E-Mail: alftujab@intelnett.com.
Active Spanish School -
$110 per week including host family. The teacher of this small school also conducts excursions to Cobán's many natural wonders. Get to know Cobán´s finquero-nightlife and the corresponding vocabulary.
3 Calle 6-12 Zona 1.
Escuela De Español Muq'bil' B'e -
$100 per week including host family. After-school activities if there are more than three students enrolled.
6 Avenida 5-39 Zona 3; Tel: 951 2459; E-Mail: muqbilbe@yahoo.com

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