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Special Events and Fairs
The titular fairs of the different towns are good opportunities to observe Mayan culture, customs, cuisine, music, dance, and religious observances. There is a parade opening day, and various activities and expositions depending upon the town. If you plan to visit Cobán during Holy Week, the Half Marathon, or the Folklore Festival / Fair, it is highly advisable to book hotel reservations in advance.

January 20-25: Rabinal B.V. Fair -
See the only precolombian theatre show left in both Americas: A sad piece about a rebellious King with Maya-Achi­ music and vivid dance.
January 22-25: Tamahu A.V. Fair
May 1-4: Santa Cruz A.V. Fair -
See the dance of the Guacamayos.
May 4-9: Tucuru A.V. Fair
2nd or 3rd Sunday in May: Half Marathon -
This 21 km race from Coban to Carcha and back attracts world-class contestants. Entrance fee of Q50 can be paid at BanCafe.
June 10-13: Purulha B.V. Fair
June 21-24: Chamelco A.V. Fair
June 24-29: Carcha A.V. Fair
July 20-25: Cubulco, B.V. Fair -
See the Palo Volador, where two drunk men spiral down a ritual pole
July 21-26: San Cristobal A.V. Fair
Last week July: Coban Folklore Festival -
The festival includes examples of indigenous handiwork; typical cuisine; and Mayan ceremonies, music and dances. The culmination of the festival on Saturday evening is the election of Reina Rabin Ahau (Daughter of the King) from contestants representing all the Mayan towns in Guatemala. Mayan customs, traditions, costumes and music are presented. Entrance fee Q50 (seats) or Q 40 (stands), and reservations must be made in advance with Prof. Marco Aurelio Alonzo at 951-1709 or 951-1657.
August 1-6: Coban A.V. Fair
August 11-16: Tactic A.V. Fair
August 22-28: Lanquin A.V. Fair
First week December: Coban Orchid Exhibit -
A vast exhibition of the finest orchids contributed by collectors from all over Guatemala. Held in the convent (next to the cathedral) Entrance fee Q2.

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