20 Amazing Backyard Obstacle Courses - Happy Toddler Playtime (2024)

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Inside: 20 super fun and easy to set up backyard obstacle courses for kids. These ideas are prefect for kids of all ages, from toddlers to older kids and everyone in between.

Turning your backyard into an obstacle course is much easier than you think. And I have collected 20 great ideas to help get you started.

These ideas are perfect for big yards and small ones and have tons of ideas to create a fun course of your own. From using painter’s tape, tires, wood planks, to treasure digs, pool noodles and water! There are so many ideas here to help you create a fun course for your kids.

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Fun & Easy Backyard Obstacle Courses for Kids

The Best Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids

Use painter’s tape, sidewalk chalk and a cardboard box to create the best backyard obstacle course for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids!

Easy Toddler Obstacle Course

Uses toddlers slides, tunnels and a fun string area to crawl under like a commando!

Backyard Obstacle Course

This fun obstacle course from Teaching Mama uses a backyard playground set and diy floating steps!

Outdoor Toddler Course

If you are looking for a simple backyard toddler course, this easy to create course uses a trampoline.

The ULTIMATE Obstacle Course for Young Kids

I love this fun course for little kids. It has it all from hula hoop jumping to digging for treasure, waterfalls and a balloon slide.

DIY American Ninja Warrior Outdoor Obstacle Course

If my kids were a bit older this would be the course I would build for them! It looks so fun and is perfect for older kids (5-6 years).

Fun Backyard Obstacle Course

This course is great little and big kids can do complete with sack race and agility obstacle

Water Obstacle Course

This course is perfect for a hot summer day. Every obstacle is water based and super simple to create. I can see this being a fun day of fun in the summer.

Popsicle Obstacle Course for Kids

This fun course is perfect for a birthday party complete with pool noodle tunnel and DIY balance beams plus 8 other parts to the course. Each section of the course is marked with an adorable popsicle sign.

DIY Backyard Obstacle Course for Your Kids

This great post breaks is down for you and gives you the goods on what you can include in your course. Plus all the actions needed to make the best course possible.

Outdoor Obstacle Course

I love how this post shows you how you can really just use what you have to create a course no matter what you have in your backyard. From hopping over planters to making use of a tire swing to log stepping, there are lots of ideas here.

Fort Magic Obstacle Course for Kids in the Backyard

Here is another course idea that uses the pipes used to create a fort. Such a creative idea that made an obstacle course that any kid would enjoy!

Obstacle Course Games

This post also makes use of the pipes used to make a fort plus adds water to the mix with a slip and slide!

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

This pool noodle course is perfect for active toddlers. I love the mini golf section!

Spy Training Obstacle Course

This fun themed course is prefect for older kids and has everything needed to train the best spies. From target practice to agility and reflex practice!

Amazing Outdoor Course

This course has it all from a walk the plank section to to diy balance beams to ‘electro-shock’ inspired section made with party streamers!

Step 2 Backyard Obstacle Course

This fun and easy course uses STEP 2 toys like a water table and basketball hoop!

Easy Backyard Obstacle Course

Uses tire, planks of wood and hula hoops for a fun course for big and little kids!

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course for Kids

Uses pool noodles to create a simple but fun course for active kids.

Dollar Store Obstacle Course

This course has it all from human horse, water balloon toss to racket and ball!


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20 Amazing Backyard Obstacle Courses - Happy Toddler Playtime (2024)


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