30+ Obstacle Course Ideas For Kids! (Activities + Guide) (2024)

Looking for an epic way to get your preschoolers pumped up and ready to rumble? Look no further than an obstacle course!

Not only will your little ones have a blast tearing through these fun and engaging challenges, but they’ll also be honing their skills and boosting their development.

Here’s a list of 30 wacky obstacle course ideas to have your kiddos bouncing, crawling, and climbing with glee!

Benefits of obstacle course ideas

Supercharges gross motor skills:

These obstacle courses will have your tiny tikes using their big, beefy muscles to tackle challenges like climbing, crawling, and jumping while improving their coordination and physical abilities.

Builds mad confidence:

As your little champions make their way through each obstacle, they’ll be building up their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment like bosses.

Hones problem-solving skills:

These courses are full of tricky twists and turns that will challenge your kiddos to think critically and problem-solve their way through the maze.

Fosters teamwork:

Whether they’re working solo or teaming up with pals, these courses will help your kids learn the power of cooperation and collaboration.

Expands spatial awareness:

These courses will have your young ones navigating through tight spaces and obstacles, honing their spatial awareness and depth perception like never before.

Unleashes creativity:

These courses are customizable, meaning your kids can get super creative and develop unique ways of tackling each challenge.

Best Obstacle Course Activities for Kids

Pillow Jump

Let the kids take a flying leap from one pillow to another like they’re hopping over lava pits or leaping over an alligator-infested swamp.

And don’t forget to make silly sound effects as they jump!

Balance Beam

Have the kids strut their stuff like tightrope walkers on a wooden board or a piece of tape on the floor.

And let them pretend they’re acrobats in a circus! Encourage them to strike a pose or two.

Tunnel Crawl

The cardboard box tunnel is not just any tunnel; it’s a secret tunnel to another dimension.

The kids can pretend they’re explorers, crawling through the tunnel to discover a lost city or a hidden treasure. And don’t forget to add some spooky sound effects to make it more exciting!

Hula Hoop Hop

Let’s get those hips moving! Have the kids hop from one hula hoop to another like they’re bouncing on the moon’s surface, where gravity is low.

And encourage them to make their best “moonwalk” moves.

Cone Weave

Weaving in and out of cones is just the beginning. Let’s make it more fun by pretending to be race car drivers, dodging cones on a thrilling racetrack.

And don’t forget to make engine noises as they weave in and out!

Jump Rope

Skipping rope is classic. But let’s add a twist! Have the kids imagine jumping over sharks, piranhas, or even hot lava while jumping rope.

And encourage them to do some fancy footwork and jump tricks.

Bean Bag Toss

A target is not just a target; it’s a bullseye! Let the kids play like they’re at a carnival, aiming to win the grand prize.

And add some carnival music to create the perfect ambiance.

High Five Station

High fives are not just high fives; they’re fist, chest, or even elbow bumps! And let’s make it a competition, see who can get the highest fives from the station.

And don’t forget to make it more fun by adding some creative high-five moves.

Stair Climb

Climbing stairs can be boring. But let’s make it a challenge! The kids can pretend they’re climbing Mount Everest, reaching for the summit with every step.

And don’t forget to add some mountain-climbing sound effects to make it more realistic.


Let’s limbo! The kids can bend and sway like they’re at a limbo beach party. And let’s add some music, too!

Get some lively music playing and make it a dance party while limboing.

Paper Plate Run

Running with a paper plate on your head is not just a balancing act; it’s a race against time!

The kids can pretend to carry a fragile, priceless artifact to a museum while facing obstacles. And let’s make it more interesting by adding some museum curator commentary.

Bubble Pop

Bubbles are not just bubbles; they’re a swarm of jellyfish! The kids can pop them with their hands, feet, or even their noses, pretending they’re swimming through an ocean full of jellyfish.

And don’t forget to add some underwater sound effects to create the perfect ambiance.

Bear Crawl

Let’s get wild and animalistic! Have the kids crawl like a bear, growling and snarling as they navigate through the course.

And let’s make it a race, seeing who can get to the finish line first.

Ring Toss

It’s not just a game; it’s a carnival extravaganza! Have the kids play ring toss like they’re at the state fair, trying to win the biggest stuffed animal prize.

Sidewalk Chalk Maze

Get creative with chalk! Have the kids follow the maze like they’re lost in a giant labyrinth, trying to find their way out.


Ready to hop through time and space? Have the kids leap through the grid like they’re on a wild adventure, visiting different dimensions and eras.

Let’s see who can hop the farthest and land on a magical portal!

Yoga Station

It’s time to stretch and breathe! Have the kids strike a yoga pose like they’re in a mystical garden, surrounded by vibrant flowers and chirping birds.

And let’s make it even more fun by pretending to be animals, like a silly giraffe or a graceful swan!

Hoop Jump

Step right up to the circus of fun! Have the kids jump through the hoops like they’re performing daring feats for the crowd.

Let’s take it to the next level and pretend we’re circus animals, like a soaring bird or a ferocious tiger!

Clapping Station

Get ready to party and high-five! Have the kids strut through the station like they’re at the hottest club in town, grooving to the beat and cheering each other on.

Let’s ramp up the excitement with disco balls, party poppers, and funky sunglasses!

Tiptoe Walk

Can you sneak like a ninja on a top-secret mission? Have the kids walk like they’re on a covert operation, slinking through the area undetected and avoiding tricky obstacles.

Let’s make it even more thrilling with laser beams, spy gadgets, and hidden treasure hunts!

Jumping Jacks

It’s not just a warm-up exercise; it’s a training session! Have the kids do jumping jacks like they’re preparing for a battle, getting ready to face their biggest challenge yet.

And let’s add some extra excitement by pretending we’re superheroes or warriors training for a big fight!

Obstacle Course Course

Get ready to tackle the ultimate obstacle course!

Have the kids navigate through the course like they’re in an action movie, jumping over chairs, crawling under tables, and dodging blankets like they’re in a war zone.

Stomp the Balloons

Who doesn’t love the sound of popping balloons? Have kids stomp on balloons as they make their way through the course, with extra points for the loudest pop.

Shuttle Run

Let’s get those legs moving! Set up a shuttle run course and time the kids to see who can make it from one end to the other and back again the fastest.

Paper Tunnel Crawl

This isn’t just any tunnel; it’s a wormhole to another dimension! Have kids crawl through the tunnel and imagine they’re traveling to a far-off planet.

Tic-Tac-Toe Toss

It’s time to test those throwing skills! Set up a tic-tac-toe board and have kids toss bean bags to try and get three in a row. But watch out for the other team’s strategy!

Jumping Pillow

Who needs a trampoline when you have a pillow? Have kids jump on a large cushion or pillow as they try to see who can jump the highest.

Cone Hop

Hop, skip, and jump your way through a line of cones! And let’s add some extra fun by pretending we’re hopping over hot lava or shark-infested waters.

Alphabet Run

Let’s learn the alphabet while we exercise! Have kids run from A to Z, stopping at each letter to say its name and doing a fun exercise at each stop.

Follow the Leader

It’s time to follow the leader! Have an adult or older child lead the group through a series of obstacles and add some fun challenges like hopping on one foot or crawling like a crab.

And let’s make it more exciting by adding some music and dance moves!”

Obstacle courses are a fantastic way to keep preschoolers engaged and learning. By incorporating a variety of activities, you can help develop their gross motor skills, build their confidence, enhance problem-solving skills, and encourage teamwork.

So, gather some simple items and start creating fun obstacle courses today! Your preschoolers are sure to love it.

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30+ Obstacle Course Ideas For Kids! (Activities + Guide) (2024)


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