45 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor!) (2024)

Creating and playing on an obstacle course is such a great way to spend time with the family!

Not only are they a lot of fun, but they help add in that much needed physical activity and can help younger kids build their fine motor skills.

No matter your child’s age, there are so many great ideas to use everyday objects such as jump ropes, couch cushions, and empty paper towel rolls to make a basic obstacle course that will translate into a great time for the whole family!

Additionally, building an obstacle course together helps children with creative play as well as problem-solving skills.

The best thing is, when you involve your children in creating a fun obstacle course, you will be amazed at the creative ways you can all have so much fun together! So, get to the starting line and let the frugal fun begin!

I took photos outside for a fun outdoor activity, but you can do a lot of these activities inside too!

Obstacle Course Ideas

45 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor!) (1)

While most of these ideas can be used at any time of the year and can be built indoors or outdoors, I would be remiss if I did not address all of the backyard obstacle course fun that can be had in the snow!

Kids of all ages will have the best time with these ideas for asnow obstacle course!

Make sure to bundle up so that everyone is comfortable and warm when they reach the finish line.

If you do not have snow, we have you covered with many other creative and laugh inducing ideas that will prove to be just as fun!

Below is a list of awesome obstacle course ideas that will really help you create your very own amazingly fun course that young kids and older kids will enjoy!

1. Hula Hoops

From using the hula hoops in a traditional way to jumping through them or rolling them, there are so many ways to implement them in your obstacle course.

2. Spin In Place

3. Army Crawl

4. Walk A Balance Beam

If you do not happen to own a balance beam per se, you can use anything that will create a straight line.

Some streamers laid out on the ground will create a challenging balance beam for the most nimble in your family!

5. Jump Rope

To even things out, everyone could jump rope the same number of times that matches their age!

6. Sack Race

Little ones will enjoy using big pillow cases for this hilarious race!

7. Balloon Popping Station

If you do no have balloons, popping bubble wrap can be just as exciting.

8. Weave Through Cones

The kids could run around the cones, use a scooter, or ride a bike around the cones for added fun.

9. Run Backwards

10. Slide Down A Hill With Paper Plates On Feet

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11. Pick Up Marbles With Your Toes

12. Jump Over Pool Noodles

To make this even more fun, have participants pick from a list of silly ways to jump. For example

– jump like an elephant

– jump like a kangaroo

– jump like a horse

13. Hop On One Foot

14. Slide Down A Slip-And-Slide

15. Hit A Baseball Past A Certain Spot

Let the kids determine the spot that everyone must hit past.

16. Throw A Frisbee Into A Laundry Basket

If your family needs more of a challenge, move the laundry basket back further every time you run through the obstacle course.

17. Use Spray Paint To Create A Crazy Path

The kids will love going in zig zig patterns all over the place!

If you are not a fan of spray paint, you can always use painter’s tape to create a similar idea.

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18. Forward Roll On A Mat

19. Do Jumping Jacks

20. Throw Three Balls Into A Basket

21. Bike To Another Station

22. Balance On One Foot For Ten Seconds

23. Limbo

24. Jump Over The Water Hose Spray

This is a classic, fun summer activity that kids of all ages will enjoy cooling off with.

25. Jump From Couch Cushion To Couch Cushion

Kids love to pretend that the floor is hot lava and that you can only step (or better yet, jump!) on the provided cushions.

If you run out of couch cushions, you can incorporate bean bags and pillows as well.

26. Crab Walk

27. Crawl Through A Big Cardboard Box

As an added bonus: have the kids decorate the box before you start the obstacle course.

28. Pop A Water Balloon Over Your Head

This one is especially fun when creating a water obstacle course. And on those particularly hot days, this will be a really great way to cool off.

29. Find The Hidden Item

Have an adult hide a special object somewhere along the obstacle course.

You could even incorporate a kind of scavenger hunt within your course where everyone must find clues written on sticky notes.

30. Hula Hoop Ring Toss

31. Water Gun Target Practice

32. Balance Bowl Of Water On Head

33. Pop Soap Bubbles

Have kids pop the soap bubbles with their hands. They will love chasing all the bubbles!

34. Three Legged Race

35. Wheel Barrel Race

45 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor!) (4)
45 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor!) (5)
45 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor!) (6)
45 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor!) (7)
45 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor!) (8)
45 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor!) (9)

One person holds the legs of their partner and the partner walks on their hands.

37. Small Trampoline Jump

38. Hopscotch

Have the kids draw out a hopscotchpattern in chalk and have it be part of the course.

39. Crawl Through A Tunnel

40. Jump Over Hurdles

The hurdles can be anything from sticks you find outside to drinking straws that can be taped together.

41. Dunk A Basketball

42. Kick A Soccer Ball Into A Goal

43. Throw A Football

45. Splash Through A Kiddie Pool

You can put these obstacles in any order that makes sense for the space you are using. Let the kids help by drawing or writing out ideas before you get started and definitely let them help with setting everything up.

Sometimes putting the obstacle course together can be just as fun as actually going through it! It is also a fun way to help kids learn organizational skills.

The person who comes in first place, or with the shortest time making it through the course can choose the next fun activity that the whole family does together.

So whether you build an indoor obstacle course or outdoor obstacle course, in a living room or a wide open space, this is a great way to bond with anyone from your youngest kids to your older children!

Remember to have fun and let your kid’s imaginations run wild. And as always, you’ve got this!

45 Easy Obstacle Course Ideas (Indoor and Outdoor!) (2024)


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